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Problem statement

I decided to use one of the Engineering solution templates from Notion, so my problem is figuring out how to use this without making people think I need a group of overpaid college graduates to fix me.

But really, my goal is to find a loving, rewarding relationship with a female I am interested in and for whom I am willing to sacrifice the time necessary to build a relationship. I would ideally like someone in the Bay Area (or maybe New York?) I’ll try to use some of the existing fields in this template that I find are surprisingly appropriate or just funny.


Ideally - find someone who is compatible with me in a relationship sense by showing them this document. After they read this and see my flawless skin, they will probably fall hopelessly in love.

Sorry, I just woke up from this dream where I thought I was Tom Cruise! I am also very open to just having more female friends. Most of my female friends from college don’t live near me anymore, which I think is really slowing me down in the relationship department. Why you ask?

I really believe that finding a relationship is kind of similar to winning in chess. Bobby Fisher once said, “Tactics flow from a superior position”. To me, “tactics”, or a quick series of moves that ends in a relationship, is similar to going on a few dates to get an extra piece. I think I messed that up. Let me redeem myself.

I used to be really interested in learning about chess AI models so that I could beat everyone by just learning a few heuristics. One author that I became really interested in was this guy named Ron Atkin. He had this idea of maximizing the connectivity of pieces to achieve superior positions, and he had this model where each square was a simplex defined by the pieces attacking it. (Legit, check this guy out - I think he is one of those crazy geniuses that everyone is too scared to believe.)

I would love to talk about this more if this interests you, but I what I got from it is that I need to be in at least a second-degree connection with a good amount of girls if I want to improve my “position” to get into a relationship. And who knows more girls than other girls?


Meeting more guys. Reread the above section on “Goals”, unless you did, in fact, read it and know a ton of girls. Just kidding! If you think we would be two cubes in an ice tray, regardless of what your gender is, then totally message me and we can haaanggg. See “Implementation and Rollout Plan” for contact details.

Proposed solution

Meet a lot more girls with the openness to a relationship or just a friendship depending on how we feel about each other. I see either as a win, but I want to be clear that my intention going into a meeting is 70% to date and 30% to be friends.

I think it’s easier going from “Ah I don’t see this working out as a relationship, but we can totally drink boba like every 5 weeks” rather than “Hey we drink boba like every 5 weeks, but I want to see you again tomorrow.”

Interests and Hobbies